Donation Packs

All Donor Packages are cumulative!

If You Want To Donate, Click here! This will take you to our official website.

Donor Rules

Although we do appreciate you donating to keep our server running clean, fast, and lag-free, we have to set rules to maintain that.

  • Donors that are allowed to fly, it is to only be used for travel purposes. This means no using your flight to run from fights or dive down and kill players and fly away.

Beginner Pack  


  • $10,000 in game money.
  • 1 set of Diamond Armor
  • Grey Donor Tag

Standard Pack


  • $25,000 in game money.
  • Kit Donor (Diamond Tools)
  • TP CD Bypass
  • Donor Creative
  • Custom Tag
  • Yellow Tab Color

Ultimate Pack


  • $50,000 in game money.
  • Flight
  • TPA
  • World Edit in Creative
  • 2x McMMO Exp
  • Gold Tab Color

Premium Pack


  • $75,000 in game money.
  • Miner's Guild
  • TP Access
  • Kit Donor2 (Diamond Armor)
  • /afk Access
  • Chat Colors

Mega Pack


  • $100,000 in game money.
  • No Bank Cap
  • Multiple Homes
  • /weather
  • /time set
  • 3x McMMO Exp
  • WorldEdit
  • Navigation Wand

God-Like Pack


  • $125,000 in game money.
  • /vanish
  • /kick
  • /tempban
  • /back Access

Divine Pack


  • $150,000 in game money.
  • /ban
  • /i
  • 4x McMMO Exp
  • More to Come

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