General Information

Residences are located within the Suburbs of the City. They are a set size and identical to each other. Owning a residence grants access to a safe-zone within the server. Residences have unlimited amount of chest protections so that you may place chests that only you can access, thus making your materials and items safe and grief-proof. Any player may only own one residence.

The residence has a basement, which is the only area in the apartment you can alter. You are able to dig down all the way to bedrock under the boundries of your residence.

Each residence costs $10,000 of the ingame currency.

Residence Commands

NOTE! The following commands are case sensitive! Make sure you haven't misspelled anything before contacting an Admin or Mod for assistance (i.e. plots are in the form Spawn.xx, with capitol S!)

/res ? - this command will bring up the default help options.

/res info - this command will give you information on the current residence you are standing in.

/res market - this command will bring up default options for the market feature.

/res market buy <lot name> - this command will purchase the lot you have listed (if applicable).

/res market sell <lot name> <price> - this command will allow you to sell a residence you own.

/res market list - this command will display all residences for sale or rent.

/res market unsell - this command will allow you to take a residence off the market.

/res market rentable <lot name> <cost> <days> <t/f> - this command will allow you to put a residence you own up for rent, the <t/f> choice is if you want the residence to autorepeat the lease.

/res market rent <lot name> <t/f> - this command allows you to rent a lot that is up for rent, the <t/f> choice is if you would like to autorepeat your lease.

/res market release <lot name> - this command allows you to stop renting your current place or take your rented lot off the market.

/res pset <lot name> <player name> [flag] [true/false] - this command sets flags for different players for your residence.

/res set <lot name> [flag] [true/false] - this command sets flags on the residence itself.

Usable Flags

Bolded Flags are for Residences Only, not Players

use: Allow or prevent the use of doors, chests, etc.

build: Allow or prevent building inside of the residence.

container: Allow or prevent use of chests, furnaces, etc.

flow: Allow or prevent flow of liquids

piston: Allows pistons to work.

bucket: Allow the use of placing liquids with buckets.

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